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A Happy "What if?" Outlook

Updated: Apr 21

“What if” is a thinking pattern our busy minds have been practicing since childhood.

And depending on our mood, our minds may be in a habit of showing us the possible unhappy outcomes. Maybe we think it's safer to be aware of the pitfalls, so we can plan. and thus we are protecting ourselves. As children we heard “Put that down. What if you break it” or “Don't say anything. What if you make a fool of yourself?” Comments like this are also a way we learned the habit of fear. Even now, can’t you feel a little contraction when you imagine being five years old and hear an adult voice saying “Stay away from the pool. What if you fall in.” And perhaps inside you hear I’m not OK, or Maybe it’s not safe: I’m not safe.

But "What if" can also be a doorway to a happier mindset. We can use it to invite our imagination to suggest that things will work out for us. We don't know what will happen in the future, but what if the world is a safe place for you today, or even just the next two minutes, or two hours.

What if the Universe is supporting you in being the most brilliant expression of yourself that you can be?

My sister has a T-shirt that reads "Just Breathe. The Universe is taking care of everything else."

If you consider your day so far, haven't things basically gone right? You probably got up on time, found your things where they should be, and made it here on time.

  • What if things go right today? What if I don't have car trouble, I make almost all the green lights on my commute, and I even hear my favorite song on the radio.

  • What if I can accept and forgive my circumstances and start loving the life I am living.

  • What if I had glasses that let me see the energy of love that emanating from every living thing.

  • What if I am stepping into the person I’ve always wanted to be: kind, generous, playful even. And courageous, trusting that in this moment, that things are okay.

We can’t know what will happen, so why not imagine a happy, loving outcome? Quite possibly, everything will be OK. And if you are starting a downward spiral into doubt, remember that even so-called disasters had a little time in the making, when you might have changed courses, made different choices, and prevented them.

A toolbox for rainy days... But I did mention something earlier about mood. Some days it is difficult to move into a happy and confident place, and just repeating happy thoughts aren't enough. It's like you need some emotional first aid. My toolbox of techniques for this includes EFT, prayer, outdoor exercise, Donna Eden’s energy routine, breathing, positive self-talk and uplifting music, and a cup of refreshing water or hot tea. 

When you can't believe a happy What if statement such as “What If I am a good person and deserve to be happy at this very moment, just the way I am,” it just means there is something in the way, a lesson for you, like an old wound that is asking to be healed. We use EFT to help us shake loose this pattern and ask it to show its face. Is it an old memory of hurt or loss, or a belief you learned such as I’m not good enough? What is the memory? Who taught you this?

Let’s do some EFT to uncover and release that old pattern, for it is not who you really are.  And the Universe wants you to be here, completely and vibrantly as you really are.

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