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Blog: The power of beliefs

Updated: Apr 12

Thoughts are powerful! Our beliefs are like programs running behind the scenes to create our experience.

Unhappy beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough” or “Life is hard for me” may be running on the background of our lives and keeping us from becoming the loving, joyful, and creative beings we are meant to be. Many beliefs are all-pervasive in human societies. As children, we are like sponges. We absorb and mimic the behaviors and emotional reactions of fear and anger that we see around us. We forget we have the choice to respond to the world with a natural wisdom that is within. But our world presents endless opportunities for us to tap into that wisdom, and learn to feel loving and whole. The natural conflicts that arise in daily life provide endless opportunities to practice these emotional responses, and they become habits.

I want to free myself of negative beliefs. How long does it take?

My clients report feeling more peaceful and relaxed by the end of a session. But many emotional patterns and beliefs are embedded from years of habitually experiencing our lives in the same ways. Thus it may take a few sessions to uncover the foundational issues and childhood memories that are supporting them. Resolving some stubborn issues may be our life's work!

Clients who start tracking their emotional triggers and questioning the beliefs that support them on a daily basis will naturally make faster progress toward a happier life.

Can I get started on my own?

Yes, you can start today, and here's how:

  1. Start noticing your emotional reactions.

  2. Question when you learned to react this way. Is there another way to look at this situation?

  3. Learn tapping and develop a regular practice of using it whenever you notice emotional distress. I'm happy to give you a free demo. Or see the free Gold Standard Tapping Tutorial on Gary Craig's website.

Our beliefs influence the way we see things and even set us on a mission to prove they are true. We act out of habit in ways provoke our expected response from the world around us. This is one meaning of the phrase “self-fulfilling prophecy.” For most of us, an emotional trigger can start a cascade of negative thoughts and unhappy emotions that drain our energy and interfere with creativity.

For example, if you have a belief that you are unlovable, you may interpret a careless remark from your partner as a criticism. This is especially true if the remark comes at a time when you are not feeling strong and good about yourself. Your ego steps up to defend itself by proving it is right. At least there would be some satisfaction in that, in asking for sympathy for the unhappy situation, and there is more energy in blaming your partner than in feeling the hurt of the belief that has been triggered.

I thoroughly recommend membership in Gary Craigs’ Optimal EFT community. On his Emofree website and YouTube channel, Gary provides many free resources, including demonstrations of his strategies for using Optimal EFT to create a happier life. See

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