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Blog: Finding your life's purpose

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

I believe that our wishes and dreams and the thoughts that make us happy are a clear and simple road map to finding our purpose and path in life.

But sometimes, it’s complicated. We’ve accepted society’s limitations and rules for what makes a valuable or happy life. Or we’ve lost sight of our inner compass as we spend our days plugging away at career, family responsibilities, health issues or concerns about the state of our world and planetary future.

We can use EFT to examine and clear limiting beliefs and uncover the simple joy that is here in each moment, and in each breath. As we reduce our stress levels and practice regulating our emotional lives, we find the capacity to explore and embrace a larger sense of who we are. We stop believing the internal voices that say, “I can’t forgive this person” or “It’s not safe to be different” or “I am not good enough to succeed and I’ll be thought a fool.”

When I use EFT to go back to a foundational childhood event and revise my perception of what it meant, I open to the possibility of freedom from my old conclusions, and invite a higher perspective. And this frees me to discover creative new solutions and a new way of looking at the world.

I must have started at least twenty new jobs in my life. I am great at interviewing! But often the job didn’t excite me and I didn’t stay. Several career paths never got off the ground because of a slowdown in the economy meant the tech editors got laid off, or the customer relations team I worked for was outsourced to Asia, or a new manager was hired for my department and she thought there were too many nurses. So work for me has not felt successful, despite my strong work ethic, ongoing continuing education and even a Masters’ degree. Now I have come to see that none of these “jobs” were my path. But they were bringing me situations that triggered me so I could grow: Bullying bosses, competitive co-workers, fears of being unemployed.

A friend recently did a numerology reading for me from her favorite site. According to her system, I’m a 5, and my life path is this: "In order for you to feel divine and successful within yourself, you must teach people how to connect to their own divinity." Bingo. Connecting with the divine is what I love to do.

Certainly I considered becoming a therapist, a coach, a counselor earlier in my life, but there were too many beliefs stopping me: I’m not good enough, people won’t like me, It will take too many years to learn, how can I support my family while I learn? I had to clear up all those negative thought streams, but once I did, it’s beautiful here.

Let’s look into your negative beliefs and disarm them, and let’s embrace your happy, enlivening beliefs and enhance them. It will be fun, and what have you got to lose?

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